About Us

Acuwell was established in 2015 , we are fully trained Auricular acupuncture practitioners with over 10 years experience , with a passion and commitment to provide a professional first class service for all our clients within a motivational setting at very competitive prices.

We can help with numerous health and wellbeing issues with a comprehensive assessment included at your initial consultation at no extra cost.

We’ll run the consultationย looking at physical and emotional aspects to find out what’s important to you. Working with a map of the ear we’ll examine your ears for the corresponding points to identify the particular areas of the body and brain that need attention. Then we’ll use very fine acupuncture needles to treat the corresponding points in your ear to where you are experiencing any physical/psychological symptoms. Auricular (ear) therapy is related to both acupuncture and reflexology

The principle is that each area of the ear corresponds to a different part of the brain/body , and by treating the appropriate point on your ear we can affect that part of your body/brain.